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Our mission.

At LabLabee, we are delighted that today, Telco is joining forces with Cloud Computing to create a new paradigm: Telco Cloud. It is now revolutionizing how applications are created and delivered, and more generally, revolutionizing how the world communicates.

In this new wave, we are positioning ourselves as "Learning Catalysors", as we believe our roles is to make learning and training on these technologies, easier, more accessible and more attractive for both students and professionals.

Theory, is not enough (and has never been) that is why our promise for our clients and our students, is to deliver real world practice with real world use cases, built, validated and reviewed by Telco Cloud experts.

How we started.

Samir & Mahfoud both studied Telco and ICT at the same university (INTTIC Oran), and were both active members of "Horizon Club", a students' club there. They were complaining a lot about how hard it was to practice or even to make sense of what they were studying.

After graduation they took different paths, Mahfoud left the Telco world to work in  product management (after a few years in web/apps development), while Samir carried on in Telco working in both operators and vendors. However, he quickly discovered that the same problem we had at university, also existed in the professional world (lack of practice).

And that is how we decided to try to solve a problem that we both had at some point in our life.

Network of Telco Experts

LabLabee Community

LabLabee is also a Community of 12 Senior Telco Cloud experts who participate actively in Labs validation, challenges design, and practical trainings.

Merouane Debbah

Chief Researcher AI & Telco Systems, Technology Innovation Institute

Frédéric Launay

PhD Mobile Networks, Poitiers university

Djamila Douache

International 5G trainer

Ahmed Zaidi

5G Solution Architect, Orange Labs

Abdelaali Merakchi

Senior Security Consultant, Verizon

Pierre Losquin

E2E Telco Architect & Consultant, Orange

Yassine Cherif

Senior IMS expert, Orange

Rabah Guedrez

SD-WAN Solution Architect, IBM

Our team

Samir Tahraoui (CEO)

Samir is a Telco Cloud expert, he worked on VoIP, IMS, NFV and more (Prev. Mavenir, Orange, Capgemini, Nokia)

Mahfoud Sidi Ali Mebarek (CPO)

Mahfoud is specialized in early-stage product management, with experience in technical management and ed-tech (Quizzito)

Nabil Chair (Business Dev)

Nabil is speicalized in business development, with experience in Sales and GTM strategy (prev. Cisco, Greenwave, Nortel)

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